• Consults with Client to determine the most appropriate legal entity for the company purpose;
  • Preparation of pertinent documents for such business entity


Company will represent a production (feature film or short film) for a flat fee determined at initial consultation.
Representation includes:

  • Single purpose entity formation;
  • Above the line agreements including but not limited to producer contracts, executive producer
  • contracts, director agreement, and casting director agreement;
  • Investor contracts;
  • SAG consultation and representation
  • DGA consultation and representation, if applicable;
  • WGA consultation and representation, if applicable;
  • Cast Agreements including working with the casting director to execute initial short form contracts,
    and finalizing long form cast agreements for key cast;
  • Crew Agreements including keys, assistants and post-production contracts;
  • Consultation and assistance concerning Clearances including but not limited to obtaining company and personal releases required for the E&O insurance policy;
  • On Call Legal Advice During Production
  • Legal Advice Related to Insurance Coverage, Review and Negotiate Location Agreements, Licenses, and other Production Contracts


  • Review, negotiation and preparation of sales, distribution and license agreement for sales agents, distributors and licensees.
  • Review, negotiation and revision of sales, distribution and license agreements received by producers.


  • Review, revise and insert necessary legal language into existing business plans/investment memorandum;
  • Drafting of financing documents for business entities.


Reviewing, revising, negotiating and drafting the following agreements:

  • Option/Purchase Agreement for Screenplays;
  • Life Rights Agreements;
  • Book/Short Story/Article Option/Purchase Agreements;
  • Co-Production Contracts/Join Venture Agreement
  • Producer Contracts (Film/Music/Television)
  • Writer for Hire Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Band Agreements
  • Publishing Contracts
  • Recording Contracts
  • Licensing Contracts
  • Employment Contracts
  • Representation Agreements for Managers, Talent Agents, Producer’s Representative and Sales Agent
  • Distribution and License Agreement for Feature and Short Film, Music, Publishing and New Media.


  • Represents writers, producers and production companies in television transactional work including but not limited to drafting, reviewing and negotiating producer agreements, assignments, and joint ventures.
  • Provide legal advice and representation with reference to protecting show concepts and treatments.
  • Provides representation for submissions to third party producers, financiers and production companies.


  • Review, prepares and advises for copyright registration of intellectual property.
  • Reviews, advises and assists in preparation of trademark registration of marks/logos/brands.

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